Our work




  • To create a monthly intelligence report that will be used by Tiger Brands International to track competitor activities.

monthly report

  • What and who are the competitors
  • What are the price points for the competitor brands
  • Competitor Market Activity:
  • Price discounts
  • Store promotions e.g. broadsheets, gondola ends, etc.

Other campaigns: ATL & BTL

  • Did they run a campaign
  • What kind of a campaign was it
  • What did they campaign look like (send images if possible)
  • What media did they use to run the campaign
  • How long was the campaign (duration)
  • Was there a giveaway and what was it
  • How many people entered the competition (if available)

Competitor Renovation

  • Did the competition change packaging recently, provide pictures of old and new packaging
  • Shelf Presence
  • Estimated Forward share
  • Supported by pictures
  • Rate of Sale

multi brand:

community events

  • Drive brand awareness
  • Drive product education
  • Drive trial through wet sampling


  • Targeted platform: Churches & weddings
  • Wet sampling
  • Brand talk
  • Product education
  • Hamper giveaways


  • A total of 25 events were conducted between the month of November 2012 to end of April 2013
  • These were well received by these communities
  • We strongly believe that these platforms worked well in reaching the intended target market


  • Create and drive awareness about Davita juice
  • Drive brand affinity and loyalty
  • Drive sampling of Davita within Shoprite stores in Angola


  • Wet sampling in-store & outside store
  • Flavours: Apple, Orange, Mango Orange , Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Mango and Tropical


  • Consumers to sample Ricoffy with Cremora
  • Consumers are invited close to the Ricoffy x Cremora van to sample Ricoffy with Cremora
  • MC / DJ announces the prizes and conducts brand talk/drives product education
  • Entertainment: local music, from well-known celebrities, played throughout the activation